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Why do we call it “HomeJames”?

The name, “HomeJames,” is based on a phrase coined by the 19th century British gentry as instructions to the driver of a horse-drawn coach. One story has the phrase often used by Queen Victoria telling her carriage driver, James Darling, to take her Majesty home. It came to prominence again in the 1930’s in a song popularized by actor, songwriter Fred Hillebrand.

HomeJames-Caledon provides a free ride home in a client’s own vehicle removing the risks created by driver impairment, however caused.

How do we get a ride?

You can request a HomeJames ride home by using the HomeJames App (download from Apple App Store or Google Play), the “Request a Ride” feature of this website or by telephone during the annual campaign which operates on Friday & Saturday evening's beginning mid November and concluding New Years Eve. When you want your drive home, call the HomeJames control centre at 905-951-9000 20 minutes prior to your requested pick up time to make final arrangements. The dispatcher will give you an approximate time of your chauffeur team’s arrival.

Do you accept reservations?

HomeJames does not accept reservations for service. Your request for a ride home is on a first called, first served basis and ONLY AFTER you’ve called 905-951-9000 to confirm your ride on the night it is to be provided. The dispatcher will ask for proof of insurance on your car.

 By law, your vehicle must be covered by valid insurance to be eligible for the HomeJames service. A current insurance pink slip represents proof of insurance. If that certificate is not presented to the HomeJames chauffeur team service will be refused.

I’m having a party and want to have my guests get home safe. Can I reserve rides for my guests?

No. HomeJames does not accept reservations. However, you can call the HomeJames communication center at 905-951-9000 twenty (20) minutes before your guests are ready to leave. To make arrangements, we will need to know how many guests wish rides home, how many vehicles are involved and assurances that all vehicles are accompanied by their owners with valid insurance certificates.

What if we are not ready to go when the team arrives to pick us up?

The team cannot wait. Others are in the queue to be picked up and the team will move on to the next request. You must call again and schedule a new ride.

Can we give our ride to some friends who are ready to go?

No. They can call on their own behalf and schedule a ride. Others who have already requested the service are waiting and will take priority.

Can I get a ride if I don’t have my car with me?

No. We can only drive you home in your insured vehicle. You, your vehicle and proof of insurance are required factors for HomeJames offering its services.

What about my friends getting home?

Your friends can be dropped off individually along the way but the vehicle owner must remain with the HomeJames driver until the ride is completed. If there are more passengers than seat belts, the owner must stay with the vehicle for a second trip to pick up and safely drop off remaining guests.

What about car seat for my kids?

You are being chauffeured in your own vehicle. The children will be in their own seats.

How do I get my babysitter home after you have given me my ride?

We will drive the babysitter home but you must remain in the vehicle until the end of the trip.

I’m under age, are you going to report me?

No. Our objective is to get you home safely. We are a confidential, non-judgemental service.

I haven’t been drinking but I am impaired. Can I use the service?

Yes! Our service is to avoid impaired driving. Impaired can be fatigue, medication, drugs, mental anguish, alcohol, or anything that may impede your ability to drive safely.

We need a ride outside the posted service area. Can we get the service to go beyond the borders?

HomeJames provides designated driver services within an area defined by the map found by going to Check Service Area on this website. Rides must begin or end  within the Town of Caledon. Rides involving locations outside the "Service Area" must be approved, in advance, by HomeJames on the night of the ride request.

Should we tip for the ride?

Most people we drive home make a donation to HomeJames in varied amounts

What method of payment can I use for donations?

We accept cash, credit card, debit or cheque made payable to “HomeJames Caledon”