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Speaking of HomeJames, people are saying...


Good Morning Bernie,

Just a note of thanks. The team that picked us up last night were great. Home James is a fabulous service for the residence of Caledon. 

Happy Holidays!


* * *

 HomeJames is Fun

"I drove a 2015 Mercedes the other night, but more about that later.
Volunteering for the HomeJames project has a lot of benefits, some of which are obvious right off the mark.
Volunteering provides people with a safe and convenient alternative for getting themselves, their passengers and their vehicle home if they’ve overdone it in the drinking department after a night of holiday celebrating; certainly a lot better than the foolish and possibly dangerous option of trying to drive ..." (read Bill Rea's commentary in the Caledon Citizen)

* * *

Good Day Its Ray Mandola from the Arbor Restaurant, Just calling to say thank you again for the volunteers and all the sponsors of the HomeJames Program. We really appreciate the service. And as we roll through the season , we sometimes forget those who helped us through the month. You guys were definitely a confidence builder around the area. We are located on highway 27 just north of Nobleton. Just want to say thanks again, Happy New Year to all.

- Ray Mandola, Arbor Restaurant (Received via phone message)

* * *

Our community is all of us and all of us need to support the great things that it tries to accomplish.  Home James is a very much needed and so much appreciated program for all who live here.  So THANK YOU to each and every one of you who makes this program a raging success and making our lives all the better AND safer during the holiday season :)

- Lisa Steward, Stewart McGuire bar

* * *

I see in the Caledon Citizen of Jan 10th that the Caledon OPP report that no impaired drivers were charged in Caledon during this past holiday season. While HomeJames cannot take all the credit for this, I'm sure that our program helped this wonderful result. Not just with the free lifts for people but with the good all the promotions done by HomeJames (signs, newspaper coverage, store displays, etc) not only this year but over the past 4 years. The message about not drinking and driving is being well spread by many different sources and HomeJames is probably one of the best at this. 

I think this is something we all should be proud about and hat's off to Diane and Stan for having initiated a program which has had a tremendous positive result in our community, congratulations to all who make this program work and thanks to all those who make use of HomeJames. 

- Bob Gordon

* * *

I went through that massive ride program and I am so impressed that there were no impared drivers. Yes, I believe the message has been heard in Caledon. I am proud to be part of a program that brings safety and responsible thinking to our community.

Thank you Diane & Stan for your dedication to such an important program.

- Kim McNamara


Program Endorsements

My colleague, Mr. David Tilson, Member of Parliament for Dufferin-Caledon, has brought to my attention the program that you are coordinating for the Community Designated Drivers Association of Caledon. This appears to be an outstanding idea that will be of tremendous benefit to anyone who wants to live in a safe community. Congratulations on this work.

- The Honorable Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice & Attorney General of Canada

The Town of Caledon and the Council are thrilled that the Community Designated Drivers Association is functioning and kicking off in Caledon. Caledon has a long history of road safety initiatives like the launch of Road Watch in 1995. Many of our residents have been very involved in that and I think that the Community Designated Drivers Association will be another successful made-in-Caledon program.

- Marolyn Morrison, Mayor, Town of Caledon